It’s “Second” Nature

We use time to schedule our lives. When we go to school, to work, when we come home, and when we relax.

Learning how to tell time is one of the most important tasks for a child to learn, and it will stay with them throughout their lives as they grow older. From packing their own schoolbooks to leave in the morning to sending out “Save the Dates” years later, every act of scheduling will come down to one simple thing: Knowing how to read a clock.

Once we’ve learned it, we often forget how hard it was to pick up in the first place. The circular face, the dials, the hands, how many hours to a day and minutes to an hour all seem like second nature to us. But to a child, it’s not so easy. Understanding why the numbers “reset” to 1 when they do, or how to divide up hours, can be tricky when you’re young.

That’s why our line of educational clocks were designed to break down the complex into simple, easy-to-understand steps to make learning time smooth and fluid. Your child can learn the natural building blocks of time on their own and, when they’re ready, put them all together―without having to get frustrated.

It’s a “Second” Language

Educational clocks aren’t just for kids, either. Because knowing how to tell time is so fundamental, even when learning a second language as an adult, one of the first things taught is how to tell time in the language you’re learning.

Whether you’re teaching a second language as a school early immersion program or are running a second language class for adults, the educational clocks you see here can help break down barriers in languages, making it easier to understand how to tell time in any language.

Corporate Giving

Canadian Clock Company is committed to giving back. For every clock in the Educational line sold, we’ll donate 5% of the sale price to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.

Made to Order. Tested to Perfection.

Every one of our clocks is made-to-order. These don’t roll of an assembly line. They aren’t mass-produced. We don’t import our clocks in cargo containers, shipped from overseas.

Each order we process is made when we receive it. Manufactured and assembled right here in Ottawa, we test every clock thoroughly for 48 to 72 hours to make sure every mechanical part is working.

And all of our clocks are engraved with the model number, serial number, and date of manufacture. Our maker’s mark is our warranty, and your satisfaction our number one priority. And we stand by our craftsmanship. If something slips by our testing process, just send it back to us for a full replacement―we’ll even pay for the shipping. See our warranty page for details.