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Our clocks are designed for the home, for the office, for businesses, for schools, and for kids. Everybody needs to know what time it is—and we’re confident our clocks stand the test of time.

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Our Company

We founded the Canadian Clock Company with a single idea in mind: To bring manufacturing, production, and distribution back to Canada.

We believe that Canadians deserve the best. That means the best local materials, the best local labour, and the best local sensibilities. It means a manufacturer that stands behind their products and a dealer they can rely on.

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In The Press

The Canadian Clock Company’s been making waves around Canada, from our charitable contributions to our big-ticket projects. We’re proud of the recognition we’ve brought to reviving a tradition.

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Order online with your debit card, Visa, or MasterCard secure in the knowledge that your financial details are guarded by the best in online payment processing.

Pick up locally or have one of our sales associates drop by at your convenience. Whatever you choose, feel confident in the convenience of our portable and secure debit terminal.

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Our clocks are professionally packed right at our manufacturing facility in Ottawa. We take pride in our products and want them to arrive in perfect working order.

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We’re always ready to reply to customer inquiries. If you have any questions about our line of clocks, or just want to let us know what you think, just email us and let us know what’s on your mind.

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We founded the Canadian Clock Company with a single idea in mind: To bring manufacturing, production, and distribution back to Canada.

Clocks are the most practical and the most commonplace small home electronics we have. More than microwaves, more than VCRs, DVD players, Bluray players, more than videogame consoles. We each have only one or two of those—but clocks are all over our house. They’re even in those microwaves, computers, and phones.

It only made sense to give Canadians a quality they could rely on, and customer care they could know personally.

Our Philosophy

The Canadian Clock Co. believes in supporting our community. From the Canadians we source our materials from, to building our products right here in our nation’s capital.

We believe that craftsmanship isn’t a lost art in this country, and cheap manufacture doesn’t translate to savings or benefits for the buyer. That’s why we’re proud to be an independent shop.
We also believe in giving back to the community. Giving a little goes a long way, and we believe in supporting charities that benefit all Canadians, from the Heart & Stroke Foundation to the Cancer Society, to CHEO and the Humane Society, so that even the most helpless among us have a voice.

Why buy Canadian?

It’s a great question. What advantages does buying Canadian give you? What do you get from buying products built right here at home?

All of our clocks are assembled right here in Canada, from the raw materials to the finished product. When you buy from the Canadian Clock Company, you’re supporting Canadian suppliers, shippers, and builders. In return, you’re getting a seal of excellence you know you can trust.

The only time we cut corners is when we’re making a circular clock—and that has nothing to do with compromising quality.

You’re not only supporting Canadian businesses when you purchase from us. Thanks to our philosophy of supporting the community as much as our customers, it’s not just us lending a helping hand. You’re also supporting local charities and Canadians in need along with us.