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Our clock collection features clocks for the home, clocks designed especially for children (and the young at heart), educational clocks, and clocks branded for businesses.

If you’re looking to add a personal touch to any room, have a look at our home décor line and pick from one of our vibrant timepieces to accent your existing décor. If you’re looking to decorate the room of a little one, our line of children’s clocks are just what you’re looking for. If you’re an educator who teaches children how to tell time or teaches how to tell time to people learning a second language, our educational clocks will help you break time down into discrete, easy to understand units. For businesses looking to add a branded touch to their offices or looking to make a memorable impression on clients, our line of business clocks can be customized to reflect your brand, logo, and business identity.

Our Philosophy

The Canadian Clock Company’s line of clocks are designed, manufactured, and assembled by us right here in Canada. We take great pride in our clocks, and we take great pride in reviving the tradition and craftsmanship of clock making in Canada. No outsourcing and no shipping work overseas.

That pride in our work is why every one of our clocks carries the serial number, model number, and date of manufacture engraved on the back. Not only is this your proof of warranty, but it lets you know that we stand by our work, each one of our products engraved with a maker’s mark.

The Canadian Clock Company takes great pride in making clocks that are free from manufacturer and craftsmanship defects. That’s why our five-year warranty transfers with the clock. No matter who you are, where you go, or who owns the clock, our work is proof of our commitment, and our dedication is your satisfaction guarantee.

Our Guarantee

Every clock we make carries a five-year manufacturer or dealer warranty?even if we don’t manufacture the clock ourselves. If the clock malfunctions, simply ship it back to us at no cost. We’ll repair or replace the clock, and ship it back to you at no charge!