Sometimes Things Go Wrong. It’s What You Do to Make It Right That Counts.

Let’s face it, we don’t live in a perfect world. Sooner or later, life will happen to everybody, and something will go wrong.

Good customer service isn’t about just delivering the best quality you can, time and again—though we stand by our commitment to do just that.

Good customer service is also about being there when something slips through the cracks, and what you sell doesn’t live up to the standards you pride yourself on. That’s why the Canadian Clock Company offers full manufacturer & dealer warranties on all of our products.

Guaranteed Ticking

Every one of our clocks comes with a one-year warranty on the clock’s quartz movement. In case of malfunction, the Canadian Clock Company will be pleased to fix the clock, free of charge.

The Warranty is Part of the Clock

The model number, serial number, and date of manufacture is etched into every clock we build. There are no warranty cards to keep track of and no paperwork to fill out. The clock itself is the proof of warranty, no matter where it goes.

Even if the clock is gifted or sold, the warranty remains. The one-year warranty is not tied to the buyer, but to the merchandise, and transfers with the clock automatically—and hassle-free.

We Stand by the Quality of All Our Clock Products

The Canadian Clock Company offers dealer warranties on all of our clocks, even if we didn’t manufacture them.

We vet all of our products to make sure they line up with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, as well as our personal philosophy.

If any clock you buy from us doesn’t work, simply send it back to us for a full replacement.

Shipping Clocks

Pick-up and delivery is covered within the Ottawa area at no additional charge. If your clock fails due to manufacturer defect within one year, the Canadian Clock Company will cover the cost to ship it back to us. Once repaired or replaced, your clock will be shipped back to you at no charge.

Clocks are generally serviced within a week.