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The Kit-Cat Clock is world famous. He started putting smiles on people’s faces in the 1930s, and never stopped. We carry the full range of Kit-Cat Clocks to put a smile on your face. That includes the classic tomcat, the Lady Kit-Cat clock with pearls, and the ¾-sized Kitty-Cat Clock and Miss Kitty-Cat Clock.

All of these clocks come in a wide variety of colours, and some are jeweled. These limited edition rarities are run once and never produced again, so grab them while you can! You’ll also find a range of accessories, from custom bowties and tails, to tabletop stands, to replacement parts to keep your old favourite running smooth.

Dealer Warranty

The Canadian Clock Company doesn’t manufacture these particular clocks, but we stand behind them 100%—their manufacturer, the California Clock Company, shares our values of domestically produced, smartly designed clocks.

And because we stand behind them completely, we back up these clocks with our standard five-year warranty. See our warranty page for more information.