Radiant Orchid
Lady Kit-Cat Clock


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Radiant Orchid
Lady Kit-Cat Clock

This is the Radiant Orchid LBC-37 Lady Kit-Cat Clock, with pearls, long, luxurious lashes, and the same inquisitive eyes that scan side to side and a wagging pendulum tail her tomcat has.

Measuring 15.5 inches tall by 4.25 inches wide by 2.5 inches deep (39.37 cm by 10.79 cm by 6.35 cm), this classic piece of Americana is powered by two C batteries placed in the back of the clock.

If you’re looking to give your Kit-Cat clock a personal touch, please look at the Kit-Cat accessories under our complete collection. There you’ll find custom bow ties and tailstabletop stands, and even sports helmets for your Kit-Cat Clock.

All of the products that the Canadian Clock Company sells are fully warrantied, and that includes the Kit-Cat Clock. If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of purchasing a Kit-Cat Clock with a Canadian Clock Co. dealer’s warranty, please visit our warranty page for more information.

A Cat’s Tale

If you’d like more information on history of the Kit-Cat Clock, feel free to check out our Kit-Cat History page for the full story of this American icon

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