Kitty-Cat Clock Stand


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Kitty-Cat Clock Stand

The Kitty-Cat Clock stand is made from a solid piece of clear acrylic. With this large 12 inch stand you can hang your Kitty-Cat Clock securely anywhere you please—not just on a wall.

If you’d like your Kitty-Cat Clock on a table, nightstand, mantle, or anywhere else that isn’t a wall, this stand is purr-fect for your needs.

*This product is NOT for full sized Kit-Cat Clocks. This stand is designed specifically for Kitty-Cat Clocks which 3/4 the size of the normal clocks.

All of the products that the Canadian Clock Company sells are fully warrantied, and that includes the Kit-Cat Clock. If you’d like to learn more about the advantages of purchasing a Kit-Cat Clock with a Canadian Clock Co. dealer’s warranty, please visit our warranty page for more information.

A Cat’s Tale

If you’d like more information on history of the Kit-Cat Clock, feel free to check out our Kit-Cat History page for the full story of this American icon

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